The perfect couples’ getaway.

Thinking of a place to take your significant other? Look no further as New York City is full of culture being the people, food, museums and just simply the atmosphere of a city that truly never sleeps. Long weekends are the best time to take advantage of this great city as you will have 2 full days to explore till your hearts content. Regular weekends will give you 1 full day to explore on a get in and get out experience.


Bus Amenities

MOST long weekend trips will have wifi available along with power outlets to recharge your devices. Not all trips will have the above amenities.

At this time online payments for this trip is not available.


Regular Weekend (3 Days)

3 days - $120 return

Long Weekends (4,5,6 Days)

4 days - $140 return 5 days - $150 return 6 days - $160 return

Upcoming Trips

Cdn Thanksgiving Weekend

  • October 11-14, 2019 ($140)


Pick Up Times:

6:00 pm Pick up @ Scarborough Town Centre 
             (In front of the YMCA)
7:00 pm Pick up @ Corner of Jane/Wilson      
             (Behind Coffee Time)
8:00 pm Pick up  @  Square One, Mississauga
             (Tim Horton's...155 City Centre Dr)

7:00 am  Approx arrival in Manhattan near 
              Port Authority Bus Terminal 
              (42nd St/8th Ave, in front of the AMC Theatres)
7:30 am  Approx arrival in Brooklyn 
              (Flatbush Ave/Church Ave, in front of
               Modell's and Walgreens)

Day Of Departure....

8:45 am SHARP!!! Pick up in Manhattan
10:00 am  Pick up in Brooklyn

* - Itinerary subject to change



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* Passengers will be required to pay any duty charges on purchases made while in the United States
* TallPat Tours will take no responsibility for passenger purchases while in the United States

Payment Schedule:

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For additional payment and/or trip information contact: 
Gary Morgan -